Why Get a REAL Check-up

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Quick Sports Physicals Don’t Give Your Child the Care They Need

Although the quick sports physical you can get at school or a “minute clinic” seems to be incredibly convenient, it cannot give you the care that keeps you healthy.  Yearly check-ups with your pediatrician are an important part of children’s health.

We can give you broad, comprehensive care because we know you.  We can discuss old issues such as past headaches or stomach aches.  We can check your height and weight and be able to compare it with last year’s measurements and make sure everyone is growing well.  We can make sure school is going well and development is going as it should.  We can make sure vaccines are up to date; and this is not an issue that ends when they are toddlers.  Teenagers need vaccines too.

Pediatricians Treat The Whole You

We can ask how the past year went.  Have there been any accidents, new medications, specialist visits?  Maybe there was a reaction to anesthesia when they had their wisdom teeth removed. We can follow up on any of those issues.  We can give you guidance about what to expect over the next year.  Should they try music lessons?  When should we start talking about chores and allowances?

Urgent Care Centers Don’t Have Your Records and Don’t Know You

Urgent care clinics, minute clinics or those fast sports physicals just can’t give you that comprehensive care.  They don’t have your records.  They don’t know your history.  They don’t know your family.

One of the most important things we’ve noticed over the years is the relationship we have with our patients.  We can remember most things (not everything) when we see you.  Remember that you recently took that trip over the summer, maybe that bad flu illness that dad had last winter, maybe that your sister just got accepted to college.

Medical Studies Suggest that You Have Better Health with a Long-term Physician Relationship

Plenty of medical studies have proven that health is better if you have a lasting relationship with your doctor.  It is hard to quantify, but there is truth in that.  We know we are happy largely because we have many good relationships with our many great patients.  We’d like to think that we will live happier and longer because of the relationships we have with you.  And so will you. So…. make that check-up appointment this summer.  Bring your sports physical paperwork with you.  You deserve more than a minute at a clinic.

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